(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Yobanashi Decieve ver 【Era】☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

Another Vocaloid song woioooooo I also wrote lyrics ayyyyyy

♫***Yobanashi Deceive/Night Talk Deceive***♫

*Lying is my forte
I’m not great at saying how I feel, to be honest
Funny, right? That’s truthful lie
Those are always the most suspicious*

Beep, bop, I’m floating up
The night’s a reflection of abberence
Two beats, and it glows so bright
And I wonder can I complain just a bit?

Hey, let’s have a little talk
About stupid, hurtful habits of mine
Can’t sleep, all jitters now
What do you say, you up for a funny little tale?

Well then, guess I should explain:
There’s a special part of me that’s always
Feigning normality
It’s something I’ve been worrying about

Ten years have gone by now
Since the day a monster first called out to me
“Keep lying,” I heard it say
And it swallowed my heart entirely

So I’ve lied ever since that very day
I’ll say a line, fool anyone, anything, and get my way
I have been reduced to simply a “monster”
Ah, sorry, don’t cry;
Because everything is just a lie

Oh my, that is underhanded!
I’m a liar and will deceive you
Who knows what I feel inside
It’s unclear
And creepy, right?

As I lie and turn away
All my tales pile up like so
And thus today, like always
I’ll just sneer in tedium

Beep, bop, I’ve disappeared
And turned into a girl who hates the night
Two beats, on the verge of tears
I have become a boy who hates to lie

Yeah, it’s all the same again
These small, petty ideas input as true
Hearts swallowed, that is when
We realize we are liars through and through

Even if my wish could ever come true
What the point of living,
With this ugly attitude?
Well, is that a lie?
No, no, I’m honest this time(?)
My brain’s a scrambled mess
There’s no future for me anywhere

Oh my, that is underhanded!
Listen closely to my heart
To the self-indulgence, to all the lies
To the truthful one

Though I say that I am lonely
I guess I will never change
Dug myself a grave, well
I can’t help but sneer, I’m so amazed

Oh my that is underhanded!
I do hate this, by the way
Is it surprising? Are you shocked?
Can I no longer be saved?

“It’s no problem”, so you say
Then just like that you’ll never change

Ah, I screwed up again, so
Now I’m here drowning in
My own disgusting lies


Ah, that went on for quite a bit
In any case, it’s just a nonsensical story
Well then, we’ll stop here today
And next time, when the signal sounds
I’ll tell you an even stranger story
Sound like a deal?*

See, I Do Go Outside – Watkins Glen Edition

Earlier this month, I was in NY and,  you guessed it: I went to Waktins Glen State Park


Let me just say, it was so, so gorgeous. Some of the scenery literally took my breath away


The water was crystal clear, but some of the basins were so deep you couldn’t see the bottom


And in some areas, the creek bed was so smooth it didn’t even look like the water was flowing


Pictures do not do it justice – photography is also not my forte, so that probably contributes to it,  haha  (^◡^ ) /

The hike up the gorge was amazing and muddy and there was an area halfway up the trail where we could soak our feet (which was amazing, of course)


Looking at these basins and waterfalls makes me want to go cliff diving :3

If you’re near the  Finger Lakes region of New York state, go check it out! Maybe hike the gorge (I recommend hiking up, rather than down)